BGE Gameworld Size Limits?

Sorry for the double post, I posted this in the Stickied Questions thread but got no response, so made it its own topic. Does BGE have world size limitations? I’m making a space sim, and most 3d engines have serious overall size limitations when it really comes down to it (roughly 10km in UE/CE).

  • Does BGE have any grid limitations that overall limit the size of the world (e.g., CE doesnt allow editor beyond 10k);
  • Does BGE have any performance limitations that limit the size of the world (e.g., UE has floating point limitations that worsen as you get farther from the origin)

I would appreciate it if anyone knew of any inherent limitations that would overall affect the size of a world created in BGE (remember this is space, so planets would be large, but there would be a whole lot of nothing in between them). This isn’t a case where I’d be filling up massive areas with content, most of it would be empty and thus not a huge performance drainer per se. Thanks in advance for any replies!

The only limiting variable I know of in the BGE is the amount of floating point precision available on 32 bit hardware, when you go many, many, many miles in one direction you would notice that the precision eventually gets to the point where it would affect object movement.

It’s not really much in the way of a BGE thing, it’s a 32 bit thing, the world size possible would theoretically get quite a bit larger with the higher precision seen in 64 bit software. In this case you can’t just build a space world, you would need smart use of python and perhaps some use of the BGE’s dynamic loading system to create only the parts of the world that the player is nearing.

To note, when you look at space sims like Infinity, you would note that a lot of programming is involved to make the world come to life, not an entire galaxy’s worth of content placed in a game level editor ready to be explored when the play button is pressed.

BGE use floating point for coordinates and floating point always get less and less precise as numbers grow.

Thanks guys, I’ve see a few interesting BGE space demos that look good, just wanted to check. Interesting to learn about the 32/64 issue, I wasn’t aware that 64bit made such a difference in this instance. No, I don’t play on making Infinity, I was thinking more like Freelancer :slight_smile: Cheers and thanks again.

To solve the floating point problem you can write a script that when you get eg 10km far from the origin it moves everything towards the origin by 10km. It would just be a change of referring system (since the change is instant, all the physics law will remain valid, and you wont notice the change)