Hello everybody!

BGE-Giveaways is project of the MMStudiothat should support Blender game engine with templates, materials, assets and scripts. All in one place, on in “BGE-Giveaways” section. You have to be logged in, but don’t worry, it’s just for me to be able to count down the users, none of you personal information are getting anywhere and it’s completely free of course.

Here is little sneak peek of what you can expect:

The BGE-G project will hopefully make the game development in BGE little quicker and easier :slight_smile:




  • Templates
  • Isometric movement
  • RTS movement
  • Racing game

[INDENT=2](AIO version of each template: all game functionality as health, enemy AI, collectables,…)[/INDENT]

  • Assets:

  • Particle effect

  • Tree generator

  • Selfbuilding road

  • moving platforms on trail

  • Scripts:

  • Explosion

  • Trail building


Everything is under CC license, so put somewhere the source and you can do whatever you want with it (modify, use comercially, share,…).
I hope you will find it usefull :slight_smile:

P.S. for any more info just contact me here in coments, or in any bellow links:

Requires to sign in to some suspicious domain to even view the content…

Sorry, I forgot to mention it in the post (it’s corected now). For signing in is needed only email, don’t be afraid I don’t have any interest in your personal information. :slight_smile:
Sorry if it’s complication.

“Sorry its complicated” is not something I ever want to hear as a reason for me to log in to site…

Nicely done!
I really liked the fire so I modified it a bit to make it volumetric-looking so it doesn’t look aweful when intersecting with objects.


Fire.blend (1.03 MB)

I never said “sorry it’s complicated” as reason for log in. The reason is statistic, that’s why I don’t want your name, number or anything. I was just sorry if somebody feel that logging in is complication.

This could be useful, but I don’t see the point. Would it not be better to just have a sticky thread?

Nice one. I would make it probably little different, but I like what you are done with it, it’s exactly why I made these templates. Thanks for using one of them and I hope you won’t be offended if I will make my version of volumetric Fire and put it for download, because you have rised the idea in me.