BGE GRAPHICS DEV: Font objects going from very basic to very complete

Indeed, what Dfilinto started to implement is getting fully fleshed out and usable in the GSoC Cucumber branch, and this is just one of the many useful goodies in that branch, now the text can be changed during the game according to the Text property and can make use of multiple lines (even while scaled/rotated), it also now allows you to use the line-spacing and X-Y offset options as well.

Now all we need is support for fitting to text boxes, the remaining formatting options like center, and add textures to overlay onto the text and it would seem to be ready for almost any usage.

One can only imagine how much better the BGE will be after the 2.5x project is wrapped up and we see the first new release focused on new features, there’s still a bunch of features from last year ready to go in as well.:smiley:

yea, im really excited about all the BGE changes coming up, particularly from Moguri & Kupo’s (probably purely because i see/talk to them on IRC…)
everytime i start to read a blog post i have to close it before i wet myself with glee -.-

All of a sudden, the BGE is expanding and people are starting to recognizing it. I actually found someone who didn’t even know that Blender had a game engine in it over at TIGForums - they were impressed and wanted to know more information about it. It’s pretty great. People need to get info out there - all of the information that exists outside of active forums like this one only know of the pre-2.49 version of the BGE, which had many bugs and wasn’t that feature rich, if there’s information to start with.

I applaud any developers working to better the BGE, and I will try to work on games myself to show these features.

Nice! Looking forward to this release, these things would be extremely useful. I’m really glad to see the BGE getting some well deserved attention.

page down? i hope it looks good >.<