BGE Horror Game "The Catacombs" - First Real Combat Section (Arsenal RSL)

Hey everyone!

This is the latest update of my BGE horror game “The Catacombs”! I mainly focus on combat in this update, but I have introduced a new weapon/creature into the update as well!

Thanks, and hope you all enjoy it! :wink:

My Channel Link (Arsenal RSL - mainly tutorials):

Video Title: Blender Horror Game “The Catacombs” - Massive Combat Update

nice the youtube video was fun to watch looks like you need more ammo and more enemies though… good work keep it up

Thanks for the comment! I actually only put a limited number of enemies in the map because a couple of them were being bumped off of the map by other enemies. Otherwise I would have added more. :slight_smile:

This is looking really good! You’ve really managed to get a good atmosphere in the game with the lighting and sounds!

Great progress.
My suggestion is to add occasional flashing lights, as if broken.

I initially had the light turn on/off, but I wasn’t able to randomize it to the point where I actually like it. I’ll try and fix that for the next update.