(BGE) How to increase render distance

Hi, I would really appreciate some help. :slight_smile:

I have a game set up and I want to increase the render distance in-game. I know that scaling it down would work but I have everything set up to work at a certain scale (including a few animations) I tried the clip end setting for my camera but that doesn’t work in-game. Only in my 3D view. I want to know if it’s possible to increase the render distance in-game.

Thanks for reading this!

  • Nick

Clip end is exactly what you need.

On my computer using clip end works for when the game isn’t running but one I press ‘p’ and start the game the render distance is back to where it was. I need it to work while a game is running. Thanks for the comment though, maybe my blend file is screwed up.

Actually, I tried it again and I noticed that it works unless, I press ‘0’ and go into camera mode. Then the distance shortens

You went into the CAMERA and adjusted the clipping?

These parameters are camera dependent.

When you start the bge from Blender (embedded) and the view is not the camera view, Blender creates a different artificial camera for you that you still get the look of the preview window. I guess this is the reason, why it has different settings.

Be aware large clipping end, can result in render problems with finer details (near the camera).