BGE indoor lighting

Well, here is my problem: I am trying to make lighting for a corridor with an individual light source in each section of the corridor. As you can see from the attached pictures, with each addition segment, the entire scene gets more and more washed out.

Now I set up three lights for each segment, two hemi’s pointing up and a spot light pointing down. I scaled the hemi’s so that they were only as wide as their parent segment, gave them distances of about the span of the walkway, and turned on sphere. I thought that would prevent them from bleeding over onto the next section or even the entire scene but as you can see this was not the case.

Not only does each additional corridor section (and therefore additional light source) cause the corridor to get brighter, but the entire scene (a 1000bu cube in this case) gets brighter as well. Does the distance thing have no meaning?

I have done a fair bit of searching and it would seem that the BGE does not really handle indoor lighting well, so any ideas? I am kind of critical of blender being a “game engine” if it does not handle simple indoor light sources appropriately.

Correct me if I am wrong, and thanks for all your input.

sorry, here are the pictures I meant to attach…


I am not sure about the type of lights, but if I got it right, the “hemi” is kind of an ambient light that brightens the complete scene in the direction it is rotated. The scaling of a hemi does not matter.
I think what would work best for you would be just the normal Lamp: place them close to the ceiling of your corridor, turn on the “Sphere” option and scale the distance, fitting to your mesh.

Blender surely got no “I-Win-Button” game engine, you have to find solutions for your projects and often that’s kind of tricky. But it’s still for free.

you could also just model one part, light that correctly and bake the lighting to the texture, then copy that to the other parts. this way you´d not be using up the 8 light slots too.

I’ve noticed that when I add a new light to a scene in game often ano old light disapears. I guess this is down to the “8 light limit” you’re talking about there.

This is correct. There is a way to get more lights, but you should use as less lights as possible for performance reasons.

Light baking sounds interesting heijulien, does it have something to do with that radiosity thing?

Thanks again for all your responses!

Well as you can see from the attachment, I have success!!! Thanks guys, for pointing me in the right direction.

here is the tutorial I found and followed to get my results…

be careful that you follow it to the second page, I thought at first it was done with that one page and was slightly frustrated for brief moment.

Well hope this is helpful to those who come across this thread!

:EDIT: I don’t think the tutorial mentions it, but after you have finished the tutorial you need to open the UV/Image Editor, open the “image” menu and click save. otherwise the light backing will be lost when you close blender.


or you pack all data with File/External Data/Pack into .blend file.

But you are right it is annoying that generated Images are just in memory and not in saved together with the other data.