BGE into plugin form debate resurfaces (links)

And all of them recently, Snailrose reignited the debate on making the BGE into a plugin where other things can be plugged in to it.

To Snailrose, I’m confident you’ll get a lot of community support for trying to bring this back up.:slight_smile:

If it would mean a more reliable engine, I’m all for it.


Yea! fix the bugs, then plug us in :smiley:
Plug in Irrlicht and Ogre too while you are at it :smiley:

lol i wish we could get some better renderer plugin’s it would be like a dream come true. but yeah get plugin’s gallore

Creating some “general dock” for every engine under the sun seems like a waste of effort.

Now, a “Crystal Space specific” integration layer on the other hand…

In my view, that’s really the only thing that could bring things back from the slump -> If CS and Blender integrate to form a new BGE (not just an exporter to CS)

I don’t like the whole “exporter” approach, because it takes far too long to go from modification to test. If push came to shove I would definitely “settle” for an exporter over an unstable engine, but a complete integration I described above would be the ideal situation in my view.

It’s hard to know what the options really are, but I do know that there has been plenty of talk before.