BGE is cool.. how about a BGP?

BGE is looking really good, the little I’ve fiddled with it, I’ve been impressed…

…but will there ever be a “standalone” Blender Game Player? Or is there one, and I’m just either daft or low on coffee?? :confused:

Just curious as to the future path of Blender as a game delivery tool! :smiley:

How about blenderplayer? It has its share of problems, but it does exist, and it has been around for awhile. Blend files will be packaged with blenderplayer when you click “Save game as runtime.”

You need more coffee, man.

Yes! of course blender has a game player! It is BlenderPlayer as stated by Ebogs, If you want to see for yourself just simply go to File-“Save Game as Runtime” then copy over any dll from the blender directory that game engine says it needs. Presto! Stand alone game!

Heheh, point taken, more coffee being applied ASAP. Thanks! :o:o:o:o:o