BGE JAM Netherlands or gathering a team


I just saw several proposals on establishing or looking for a team. I decided to give a try as well.

Idea is simple - I noticed many people here are from Netherlands (as well as blender itself originally). How about to meet and make a BGE jam to exchange experience, drink beer and talk about girls?

Aslo, in principle, I’d like to establish a team. Here is my project

My goal is to have something done, not conquer the world. We can collab and finish together the game I started. I have nothing to keep private - my source and stuff are available. The only requirement - share something too. So, we can either exchange resources or work together. You don’t have to be necessarily from Netherlands in this case.

Why this project?

First of all, it is a shooter, not RPG or MMO or strategy. It is not very hard to do, plus no need for many models.

Secondly, characters are mechs. It means no complicated animation is required. It is a great deal easier to animate a robot than a human.

Thirdly, some things have been already done for the project, it does not start from complete zero.

Als je wil dat alleen nederlanders reageren, moet je wel in het nederlands typen. Ik wil best meedoen. Ik doe toch al aan ongeveer vijftien projecten mee.

For the English guys: the post is about what effect it would have if the iranese shoe-to-bush-thrower was a volendammer and threw one of his wooden shoes…