BGE Lens Dirt Help

I’m Trying to do lens dirt effect in the BGE, my first idea was to put a transparent plane in front of the camera with a specular map of the dirt, so everytime the camera pointed directly to a light it would shine, what i didn’t think at the time was that it would shine on the outer side of the plane ( the face that isn’t pointing to the camera) and to have the shine effect i’d have to look at opposite direction of the light, i know this happens because the plane will have specularity on the side that faces the light, but i’d like to know if there’s any solution or workaround this problem.

select the plane->tab->a->r->z->180->done
or plane->tab->a->left colom menu-> flip normals (3rd tab i thought)

edit if that does not work you can always turn off backface culling in the plane’s material settings

That doesn’t work, I already tried it but it doesn’t work, it’s not about the normals, it’s about in which side of the plane is the light

did you read my edit?

I just did, it doesn’t work, I already had it disabled

yes noticed that in the first screen, tried to recreate but can’t find a solution atm

edit, there is another option, you can do is cast a ray from the camera center, look for property lamp then when it is positive add the plane animate it a bit etc?

Here’s a tutorial on how to do exactly that:

thanks, that worked, i modified it a bit and got what i wnated i tried searching for a tutorial myself but didn’t find it