BGE Light Limit question

So i made a thead yesturday about light limit, that you can only have about 60 lamps befour the blender game engine turns all black.

Well today i got a new question :eyebrowlift2:
: Does anyone know what light is more demanding for the engine? Spotlight or pointlight
Witch is more optimised? (The spotlight have lowest shadow settings)


Spot light.
Think of it like that, the spot light is just a point light with a directional vector, cone angle, cone falloff calculation and optionally a shadow buffer camera.
About the point light limit, it’s not consistent across GPUs, every gpu has a limit for the number of shaders.

ye well you see, doesnt matter if i use shadows or not, blender doesnt seem to accept more than around 60 lamps, then everythings turns pitch black. i mean if it was the gpu’s problem then im sure i would suffer framerate drops. and since the game runs att 60 fps, i think my gpu can handle it