BGE lighting vs normal

Gearing up to start working on a game in BGE and I know alot about how it works, however one thing I don’t know it works is the lighting, it seems that if I setup a model, with animations, materials or textures in the normal side of blender and then press p to go into game mode, all colors become dull and solid and everything changes, is there a way to keep it consistent? and or is there a way to make it better? If not how does it work in contrast to the modeling side of blender, so that I can adjust how i do things. Thanks for any info!

Try setting it blender game engine to GLSL mode, if you computer supports it

Interesting, tried that mode, and all i got was white, my model was there but solid white. (assuming that means i don’t support it?)

it does this with a new blank scene? (just the default box, with the default settings)

EDIT: OH OH I KNOW you have to set the rendering mode to “textured”. it’s in the 3D viewport bottom bar to the right of where it says object mode or edit mode. (the little white circle)

unless you’ve done that already…

EDIT2: you could also try deleting the material and recreating it.

Nailed it! haha thanks, however…one thing i did notice, one of my objects, (sword) keeps randomly moving a few units and rotating about 45 degrees in game mode…but goes back when I exit…any ideas?

Edit odd apparently having my object parented to its handle causes this…oh well…

Double Edit
So now that i figured that out, im having a new problem, i WAS using ambient occlusion and edges in my render, is this something that is possible in GLSL? and or can it be faked? thanks for any info!

Solution: make sure there ALL parents have a scale of (1,1,1).

There is no thing like a game mode. When you press <P> in 3D window the game engine is started loading your current data. the output replaces the 3D window. In other words the BGE runs inside Blender. The BGE is separate to Blender. It is always better to see it like that as Blender will not be available to the final game.

When you exit you exit the BGE which ends all BGE data. The BGE does not (and should not) change anything in Blender. Therefore you should not use the bpy API in the BGE.
There are exceptions: You can record the motion of objects in the BGE. Blender gets the recorded data from the BGE.

In other words, bake your AO - you can’t use it from the render panel in game. Or use an SSAO shader.

Any tips on going about baking it ^^, ambient occlusion is one of the things im new at, thanks again, you guys are answering all my questions lol