BGE Materials and Textures - 2 images mapping to one mesh object - Help!

I’m trying to figure out how you get 2 textures happening on one mesh object.

I simply want to map Image 1 onto some faces, and Image 2 onto the others. Firstly, do I use 1 material with 2 texures - using 2 UV maps? or 2 Materials, 1 texture each - each texture using its own UV map?

I’ve setup 2 UV Maps, and I seem to be successfully assigning the 2 different images to the 2 different UV Maps, but I can’t get them both to show up in the viewfinder or in Render - It’s one or the other.

I’ve tried both in Blender Render and in Game Engine. I understand that the Game Engine also has its own limitations here, but I think I need to better understand the basic premise of how you set this up, and then modify or compromise in the Game Engine.

I’m missing some simple aspect of how this all works, I’m sure, but the information is so scattered and most of it is using older versions of Blender.

If I simply want to put 2 images on a plane that has been subdivided into maybe 16 faces - 8 Left and 8 right, how do I put one image on left side, and 1 image on the right??

A simple .blend example would be soooo helpful. I feel like I’m so close to solving what should be so simple… but I can’t figure out - must be missing a switch, setting, or basic concept in here - I’d say lol, but I’m getting so frustrated.



Okay, so - you want to put two materials (and so, two images) on two separate parts of the same mesh, right? Some faces for material 1, the others for material 2? If so, then you probably want to have:

> 1 UV map, as each face can only have one texture displaying on it
> 1 texture per material, as each face that displays a texture will only display one
> 2 materials, one for each texture that you want to display

Make a new material in the material browser (press the + to add a material slot if there isn’t a blank one) then select the blank slot and add a new material. Once you’ve done that, go into Edit-mode, select the faces that you want to assign to the new material, and click the newly appeared Assign button in the material browser. This will assign the selected faces to the material. The faces that you didn’t select will not be assigned to the new material. This way, you can select which faces display which materials. A single UV map can be used across the materials, as each face only is displaying one texture and material, not several. Each face can only belong to a single material, though multiple textures can be used for any given material.

Here’s an example.

TwoMat.blend (537 KB)

I think that all answered my questions !! I got it to work =)

Now - What if one of those textures is a movie (in the game engine)

I get it to appear as a still image on the faces I want per the method you described, but I guess I need Python to make it “go”?

(I had another post on this, and kind of got it to work - but I wonder if there is a better way to get it to work. If not, I’ll try that code here.)

Thanks for the quick response - very helpful!