BGE Minecraft fan game/setup DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE

Hey guys! Here are some videos of my Minecraft remake.


You can download the file here off of Blendswap, where you will also find a ton more info on the file :).

It looks good!

But a few things…

  1. The sandbox type of gameplay in Minecraft is what make Minecraft, Minecraft. That is, breaking blocks, building structures and creating items - that’s what sets aside Minecraft from other games. Your project doesn’t seem to have support for breaking/placing blocks or making items, so it totally misses the entire point to Minecraft.

  2. From my understanding, Minecraft is built using Voxels (3D pixels) and it generates terrain using a random seed. I can tell that you’ve “hardcoded” the blocks, which is not very efficient. You need to do some procedural generating land or when you get to 100 by 100 by 50 worlds (which already exist in Minecraft), Blender is going to have hard time rendering and applying physics. So keep that in mind as you build the project.

There are a few other things I can mention, but these are the main problems I caught at first glance.

Good luck.

Notice its in the “Works in Progress” section…