BGE need change simple armature to ragdoll armature

Hi there

I have a model with simple armature with action animations but for dead and for impact i wish work with ragdolls.

How can change this? need create same model with ragdolls and replace?

any idea please help

thanks a lot

in my case, I used a rigdoll only for death, what I did was, I created a rigdoll character out of boxes and linked them with the constraint, tested it then placed this logic on it, when the game start, the property called death is set to 0 ,when it’s 0 , suspend rigdbody, and parent to your character, when the character is dead, the property is set to 1 when it’s 1 , restore rigdbody, and remove parent, this will make the character rigdoll play it’s death, then I connected my armature with, the rigdoll with constraint, copy location, and rotation, it’s hard because, your going to disable the constraint with the death property sadly my pc just died, otherwise I would uploaded you my file hope this helps

give a .blend file friend i dont have experience with physics armature and constrains