BGE News: Static cube map reflection

Alexander Romanov from the Blend4Web Team has committed today (4.7.2016) three patches, which allows to have static cube map reflection (not real time) in the viewport and the BGE.
It is now also possible to use with material nodes.

For testing an actual Blender build bot version after 4.7.2016 is needed.
Test file: node_mirror.blend (1.89 MB)

excellent news!

I wonder if we can use global position + a reflection map grid + nodes to interpolate the maps?

HG1: This was already possible since my patch before 2.77 hehe (not with nodes) I used the blender4web implementation of world cubemap textures to apply it in do_material_tex.

(At the moment in upbge we try to update this cubemap texture in realtime in the game engine)

I was the one who wanted to tell this. :smiley:

The node thingy looks like something nice and useful:)

yeah I already used your method youle, but was a bit stumped as to swap reflections without swapping whole materials per object*

I think it’s more possible with nodes yes?