BGE node materials UV mapping problem - a bug?

Hey all!

I have a big problem with my node materials, I tried a lot but I did not get it to work.
I have an object with 2 UV maps and one node material. The materials makes use of both UV maps, each has its own geometry node with the specific name for the UV map filled in.
One does the mapping for the actual texture, the other one for a stencil texture.
Now in 3D view everything works just fine, but when I start the game both geometry nodes seem just to use the active UV map and not the one filled in!

A .blend file is linked below :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!


test.blend (1.3 MB)

That’s old bug, I think I saw it on bugtracker several years ago.

This is a reported bug:

Ohh, I hope they will fix it soon :slight_smile:

Anybody know if there is anything we can do to expedite a fix? I am hitting this now in an attempt work around some other issues but still be able to stay with my intended design. I thought I was going crazy last night and today with the UV maps in a node material acting weird. Tried everything I could think of thinking that certain texture/material settings were incorrectly persisting into the node material.

I guess I may be looking at writing a custom GLSL shader which I really didn’t want to do.

About the only thing you can do to speed this up is by fixing it yourself. For some bugs providing more information as comments to the bug report can also be useful. Unfortunately, just because a bug is reported does not mean any one is working on it. The few BGE devs we have are all volunteers, and bug fixing isn’t something most people feel like doing in their free time.

Fixing it myself is basically out of the question. I am crap with C/C++ and I am totally unfamiliar with Blender’s source code.

I could provide more info about ways it behaves incorrectly but if there is no dev assigned to tackle it what really is the point?

I understand that the number of devs is small and that their time is limited but which is more important - new features (that may be half implemented) or fixing features that are already there?

As for working in their free time, why can’t we do something to make it paid work? I have contributed several times to Blender development directly and through buying items in the store. I would gladly chip in to a pool of funds to have a dev tackle bug fixing and general improvements. Blender and the BGE together deserve to be made better in stability and expected functionality as well as being improved with new features and I am willing to put some money where my limited skills fail me to get a job done.