BGE Pathing Question

Howdy! Like my handle, I’m “new to Blender”, so I thought I’d try out some of the tutorials. I ran across this one from this forum …

And now I’m stuck. Was able to do the setup, but the Bot only run to the first node. I double/triple/quadruple checked the logic and it matches the tutorial. Sooooo, I started doing what any good software engineer does … I experimented to find the truth … :D.

What I found was this … when the node is set to Ghost, the collision is not detected. Since a collision is not detected, the Bot does not Track To the next node. I’ve tried turning on Collision under Dynamics, but that doesn’t seem to work.

It may be that the tutorial was done in a previous version of Blender (probably) and things have changed now, so my question is basically … Is there a way to detect collisions when set to Ghost. Or is there a better way to do pathing (outside of a Python script - ya, I know Python would be better, but as a noob, I’d like to understand the limitations of the system before I get into learning a new language …)

Appreciate any feedback or insight … thx!

Software engineers stare at the debug panel; hackers experiment. :smiley:

What I found was this … when the node is set to Ghost, the collision is not detected. Since a collision is not detected, the Bot does not Track To the next node.

Hmm, I think that even when set to ghost, such objects should still register a collision.

Did you try setting the node to a sensor type?

PS: Heh, I just noticed the “Banned Member” tag under Mmph!'s name. I remember the circumstances surrounding that ban, too. -> He definitely deserved it.

Thanks for the suggestion. Although it didn’t solve the problem of collisions, it DID solve another issue with the nodes not toggling when the N-key was pressed … :-). :slight_smile:

I know things are easier to debug if you see them 1st hand so I’ve uploaded the .blend file. Any other suggestions? :confused:

Ummm, I don’t see it?

I actually had the exact same problem with that tutorial that you had New2Blender. I’m working on coding a game for my college capstone class that we are making in blender. I was hoping that this could serve as a good basis for the enemy ai. Alas, it did the exact same thing as you described. I messed with trying to figure out what was wrong for a few hours and then decided that it’d be faster(fps wise) and easier to just code the whole thing in python. I’m actually glad I did because it’s easier to edit things, easier to read, and really helped me get the ball rolling in my python learning.

Edit: On that note, does anyone know of a good resource for learning how to create an ai that tracks the player and looks semi intelligent. I’ve been looking but I haven’t found anything super great yet.

Destenoth – Hmmm … I figured out why the file didn’t upload … it’s 3.5M and the limit is 1M … I have my default set up to Link a file with some pre-made textures, but I’m only using about 5 out of 500 … sooooo, new question - how do I unlink a linked file or how do I remove all the MA items so the file is small enough to upload?

GGentzel – As for the coding in .py … ya, that’s kinda what I figured … but as a noob to Blender, I’m really trying to dig into understanding the system and what it is capable of before I go poking around doing any coding and REALLY messing things up … :spin: … but I definitely agree that it would probably be better in Python …

Social - actually I’m what they call a Software Systems Engineer … I don’t do a whole lot of coding … instead, I work with customers, management, senior designers, coders, hardware designers, logistics, and a whole slew of other folks to define system capabilities, requirements, interfaces, and functionality … then we turn it over to the real experts to code and debug … :yes:


just to make sure, is the “Actor” property turned on?

and wait, Mmph! is banned? When did that happen O.o

Yes - the Actor property is ON … and I never knew Mmph or the situation surrounding his departure … will upload the file as soon as I can figure out how to unload the 500ish Materials that I linked making the file 3M in size … <New2Blndr goes back to beating the computer monitor with a bat> … :slight_smile: