BGE plugin for internet browsers.

I’m not sure if it’s mentioned before. Just found it today and surprise!
My countrymen developed plugin to run BGE projects in browser window via modified blenderplayer. It supports main browsers : Opera, FireFox, Chrome, IE in Windows and Linux environment. It’s free and mostly GPL-ed so no restrictions in use at your own websites and home. The only restriction is you have to buy license to encode BGE project files to protect the content.
I think it may be fantastic to “embed at websites 3D games, simulations, visualizations and interactive presentations” as said one of developers at his website.
I didn’t try it yet, so can’t say much about how it works. I’m gonna give it a try this weekend.
More here:
main site :
short demos :
and one of developers website with other cool Blender things:
To admit : I’m not involved in this project.

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