BGE Post-Processing Addon

So recently I created a simple Post-processing addon that takes all the nice custom filters here on the forums, puts them together and applies them to a game camera with additional properties for tweaking.

Official Trailer:


Download v1.3

Download v1.4 (New HDR + Motion Blur Filter)

Download v1.5(Fixes + UPBGE support)

Any bugs or issues, let me know!


Nice. Thanks for sharing.

Hmm, maybe its missing sun flares.

Glad you liked it, any bugs let me know!

God rays never seem to work well when I try use them. However if you can find a GLSL flare filter let me know! I can easily port new filters in.

With s.s.a.o. gpu latency is 74 percent.Is that normal?
The computer i am using is hewlett packard.

I think this is normal, as long as you aren’t noticing stutter or frame drop I don’t think you should be worried about gpu latency.

Also v1.3 released with some more fixes for filters.

I think you should add the new lens flare 2d filter that adrianstlis made.

adrians didn’t make the lens flare, Someone called musk did, and they licensed the code under non-commercial sharealike. This makes all games that use it unable to be sold, sort of like a non-commercial version of GPL


How did you make the clouds in the mountain scene? They looked amazing.

A point lamp where the sun was with linear fall off. Then a simple hemi for the blue light. All clouds are just the same texture duplicated lots with a spherical normal map to show color a bit better.

You should make a tutorial on that.

How about porting this -> Sun rays, lens flare, halo:

Very cool! I wonder how much extra setup it is though? From the looks of it you need a texture plane in-front of the camera with multiple scripts.

By porting I meant putting existing 2d filters into the addon, so if someone can adapt it to BGE i could attempt to apply it to the addon.

Yeah, lets see if there is an interested user.

But look at the license for it at the top of the websight.

Use for personal or educational purposes only. Commercial and other profit uses strictly prohibited. Exploitation of content on a website or in a publication prohibited.

The link is semi-broken. “Download v1.” and “3” point to different files.

Ok maybe not such a good idea then.
I think for now I will leave out lens flares.

Thanks, fixed. The most recent version 1.3 has lots of bug fixes compared to 1.1.

So i dont know if this can help out with the lens flare… but it seems to be able to help out…

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Thanks a lot! Your addon will be very useful to me :slight_smile:

Great, glad you found it useful!
I’m looking to update the addon with HDR and motion blur filters along with some other fixes soon.