BGE problem (game logic)

I’ve got some problem with blender. Easy said i put python script and some sensors and basic when i click left button it might to fire buller and count down -1 ammo value but nothing happens i am pretty sure that game properties its set right python script its same that in original .blend file from tutorial. Where is a bug? i dont know and i am starting with blender but this thing is just big for me.

.blend files

tutorial video

You really need to run your game with the console open (window -> toggle system console). I fixed numerous errors, cleaned up your logic bricks, fixed your script, (that just had a spelling error, scene.object[‘aim’] instead of scene.objects['aim]) But the biggest issue was that you were feeding your fire and ray sensor into your and not into your aim script, which you didn’t even have set up in a logic brick. Once that was all fixed, it now works without throwing any errors in the console. (well serious errors, just no sound datablock)

The file is attached.


Fps_fixed.blend (877 KB)