BGE Projects Support

Hello to everyone.
I was thinking about the progress that BGE has done. And i am worried about a few things. Personally i would like to see BGE evolve so its better for commercial projects. I personally used BGE to make demos and show, and its very good for that. I have done it and some “big people” have seen my job and liked it. (Even if i am a rookie). But one of the main complaints its the platform. The engine itself: The security, the performance and so on. I am not really an expert on the BGE or anything but i think is more suited for Open Source projects. With that in mind yesterday i thought the blender people should not starve, as developer (not Game Developer but developer after all), i am sad to see that i have to use commercial products to make any amount of money. So i have the following idea:

People like TellTale Games and other companies make people fund their projects, the make a Pre-Sale campaign of a whole series of games (That does not exist yet) and wait for the people to buy them and when they have the money they needed, they make the game and release it. So what if we do the same but different? How would people respond if we gather all the blender projects (Games, Videos etc). And we make a forum for the people to show their projects and receive donations until they have the funds they need for the project. For example one person shows his new RPG project and people liked it, he sets a Goal, 5000USD for example which is not that much. And people start donating until he has his 5000USD. But he is under the following conditions: He has to give support to his “Clients”, He has to add new features when asked by his “Clients”. He has to release the source code of his project and write a documentation on how he did it. Explaining exactly the process he went through to make the game (This will be an excelent learning resource). He has to listen to the comunity but not to everyone, only to his “Clients” (People who donated for his project).

I think this way. Bigger better products will be done with blender, and people will get their share. I was thinking to create a community like this. With basically the following features:

1- Help people ensemble a team (All team members earn part of the money)
2- Help people publish their games (No matter how good or bad they are)
3- Help people publish their Videos/Series/Movies.
4- Help people publish their art.
5- Make contests with prizes and so on.

If i want to create this, how crazy am i? Is this a bad idea? What do you think i need to take into consideration? Would you help me?

I think this is a beutiful way to keep projects open source and motivate people to use blender and earn money, but what do you think? :slight_smile:

i’m sure that people will jump in, as soon as you show what are you able to offer except the marketing/management stuff, and by that i mean some games, scripts, artwork etc. Just to gain some trust. It’s a free country, you can do what you want to! Show us some of the stuff that impressed the “big people”.