BGE proposal: Audio Level Monitoring

I have a few ideas on improving audio in the BGE. But lets start basic :slight_smile:
I would like a way to monitor my master audio levels which are going to the monitors. Currently I am running an external program which simply gives me the two bars I would like to have inbuilt.

My suggestion:
Add a way to monitor audio levels. I created a mock-up image here:

-Much easier to check your overall audio levels
-Easily see if you have created sounds too loud or too quiet.
-Will make tweaking audio levels faster
-I really want this myself as a game maker so maybe others out there need this feature too.

-Larger profiler (but that is based on my proposed way of adding it.)

I have no idea how difficult this would be too implement. Iā€™m hoping this would be a fairly simple and quick implementation.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on this?
(I hope I made this proposal correctly)

I remember some threads are requesting a way to get the wave form of audio. I never followed them. But it sounds pretty similar to what you want, just on the input level.

Yes, I see this can become handy, when setting up the sounds scene.

I suggest contacting the owner of the audaspace library which is what the BGE uses - nexyon (Joerg Mueller):


I think this is really a nice idea and can be really useful, I hope you can realize your idea! I like the mockup fits good.

Good Luck!