[BGE proposal] Change default material mode from multiTexture to GLSL (abandonned)

Hi! I’m wondering if users appreciate that default material mode change from multitexture to GLSL. What are the reasons against?

the mini patch:

It would avoid questions like: I can’t see my textures in the 3D view…

I don’t know if this setting can be saved when we hit “save user preferences” (I’ll try it)

Almost in every case Multitexture does look better. I usually use GLSL to make simple low-poly games because it looks better but for more realistic game I’d stick with multitexture.

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@orosmatthew GLSL supports all the same as Multitexture does, but it has more shaders support - normalmaps, aplha blend transparent textures, real time shadows and other stuff that you can’t do like that in Multitexture. I’d say that for photo realistm you need GLSL - you may have confuse both of them.

I abandonned my revision because it wasn’t the appropriate moment to do the modifications, and such a change involves multiple delicate modifications in the Blender’s source code.