bge proposal : realtime update of the layerweight for playaction() ?

As the title say I wanted to know if there is a way to add a realtime update of the “layerweight” for the function “.playaction()”?

Could it be made directly in the “layerweight” part of the “.playaction()” function ?
Or like the function “.setframerate(layer, frame)” for something like “.setweight(layer, weight)” ?

My issue is that I have my main actions that always play in one layer (idle, walk, etc) and I manage specific actions of the arms of my character on top of it in two others layers (aim, grab, etc).

I have only a blend out issue with the specific arms actions listed above, but I have multiple actions where the arm of the character “paste” its hand on wall when its near one, and I recently tried to manage their weight by the distance between them and the wall detected, but I can’t because the “layerweight” doesn’t update in real time.

It could also be a way to manage the blending, because we can already manage the blend in but we can’t manage the blend out, which lead to a direct stop of the action when its stopped.

Thank you to take your time to read me about my issue and good blender.

Hello and thank you Mobious, I already saw in another thread that stop and play the action update the layerweight because the action is stop and when we replay it it play the updated action, but I hadn’t manage to make it in my project.

So after looking and testing your files, I saw that I hadn’t placed the stop of the action properly and it work well now.

However I not going to make this thread solve because the need to stop and replay the action everytime to update the layerweight is a little tricky and if someone can fix this I’ll be glad.
This to says that it’s great to want to add functions in the bge (even if I personnally don’t use a lot of them), but when there are functions that aren’t fix since a long time it bother me a little.