BGE proposal: Scene managing

This is a suggestion to improve the BGE.

I’m using multiple scenes a lot. I recognized the lack of support for scene management.

It is possible to add and remove scenes. There is only a limited option to determine the order of scenes.

My suggestion:
A) Adding scenes with a given order

  • add the scenes in the order of the scene actuators/python calls (no GUI change needed)
  • an option to add multiple scenes at once with a given order. (e.g. via an order parameter)
  • added scenes should be added relative to the adding scene.

B) Changing the order of active scenes

  • the option to exchange scenes (= to change the order of active scenes) while they are running (similar to the order change in various applications with layers [Gimp/PowerPoint etc]).

C) Access to the name of inactive scenes

  • Python access to available non-active scenes (for adding/switching).

It won’t add the scenes already in the order of the Python calls that you pull? For example,

logic.addScene(‘Overlay1’, 1)
logic.addScene(‘Overlay2’, 1)

should add the Overlay1 scene below Overlay2. It doesn’t already? In any case, access to inactive scenes and the ability to change scene order would be nice.

In 3ds Max there is a manager that allows you to create presets, which basically gives you the following options:

  • make predetermined settings;
  • show a predetermined set of objects/layers;
  • … … lights;
  • set states in every setting (change color of the light and settings of materials, to change a daylight scene to evening, et cetera);
  • alter render settings;
  • … et cetera.

So basically this allows you to have for instance 1 scene, with varying circumstances.
Set up a house, and be able to change the weather, lighting, objects’ properties,… with a click of a button.

I guess this is sort of what you are looking for? (although this above example by my hand is non game engine related)
So, yes this is most certainly a very handy feature!

It does add the scene in a specific order that is not visible to the user. I guess it is the order of in an internal list (similar to the order of game objects).

Currently you can only add “Top” and “Bottom” Scenes (absolute to all existing scenes).
If you have more than one scenes in one direction they are ordered as they appear internally.

This makes it impossible to add a scene between two others.

No I do not mean this. What you mean combines the individual states of objects within the scene. That would be more a save load thing I guess.