BGE python: bimport()?

for some reason, in my character control for my current game, I keep getting the error

bimport() takes at most 4 arguments (5 given)

it says that the error is on line one, but it doesn’t matter what I put ON line 1, so I dunno. what’s interesting is that I commented all the changes I made since the problem showed up, and it’s still there- maybe I toggled some setting accidentally?
searching didn’t turn anything up… if you want me to upload the script and/or blend, just say the word.

many thanks in advance for any help

[edit] okay, I made some eliminations, and I think the error has something to do with my use of keylist=keyboard.getCurrentlyPressedKeys().

I’ve been using

if keylist:

to avoid looping through an empty list. if I comment this line out it stops returning the previous error, but if I leave this line and comment later ones (like the next line, in which I loop through the keys) the bimport error comes back. is there any other way to test if a list has entries in it?

hmm. interesting. Never happened to me. =[

okay, I changed

 if keylist:


 if keyboard.isPositive():

now the error is returned unless I mess up the syntax within this if statement (if I comment the loop declaration line it complains about an unexpected indent, etc), but it doesn’t seem to matter WHERE I mess it up.

[edit] sigh, I found it. whatever tests for syntax errors wasn’t catching a typo…

So did you fix it and it’s working?

yep, it’s all good now