BGE Questions...

Hi guys! I really need your help! I am making game and I have 2 questions, answers on which I need to know:

  1. first is-when I make some sensor- like when u press the uparrow button-cube goes forward, how to move the view camera with this cube to? So they mive synchro…(like in all car race games)
    2)And the second is-where can I find really goood- book (free) where I can read about BGE and how to make games, game principes,python scripting and all about games in Blender??

Questions are very simple. Excuse me that I put the thread here-I had no time to search it at Google…:o:o

Cause when I make the sensor for the camera to move horizontally to-it moves little bit up and horizontaly (diagonal)…
I have some ideas, but u gona say?

  1. Either parent the camera to the cube or use the camera actuator, whichever effect is the most desirable.
  2. some places to learn is and the resource section of this forum. For finding info google is generally faster than this forum.

Really thax! I will try and I will inform u too…

Yeah! Parenting is very good! LOL