BGE rebirth - VideoTexture refactored and improved by Benoit Bolsee and other things

It’s incredible:

What a patch!! And so much new possibilities available. I can’t believe it :slight_smile: Awesome. Many thanks to Benoit Bolsee!

since you can disable the render,

does this mean soon we can replace it?

about the image buffer thing, where will that be helpful?

can you do a breakdown of what this will bring?

This opens very large possibilities as I understand it. It would be too long to explain.

Desactivate rendering offers many possibilities (execute scripts without rendering the scene (for network for example)… render the scene to a buffer instead of render it on the screen)

This is a great improvement of VideoTexture module which allows tons of things already (like HG1 realtime cubemap reflections and so much other things). I guess now it would be easy to make tons of new post processing effects like motion blur per object… For all kind of stuff in GLSL, it opens tons of new possibilities.

I can’t make an exhaustive list but this is AWESOME.

The cube mapped reflections,

I really really need that…

Thanks HG1!

Thanks Benoit!

Could we use another renderer?There are some free ones i found.

This patch especially allows to render to textures instead of directly to the camera. There are no changes that allow to use other renderers. Allowing multiple renderers would be an enormous task.

I hope everyone here knows that Phabricator is supposed to be used for technical discussions. It is great to see support for developers, but Phabricator seems like the wrong place for that.

What is Phabricator?Never heard of it.

I’m still not quite sure what advantage this offers over traditional render-to-texture (I wrote a resource on doing render-passes with it a few months back doing things like edge-detect per object). I guess I’ll have to grab the latest blender and play with it.

Phabricator is the software used for tracking blender’s git repository, and Dantus was referring to youle’s post there.

@Dantus: “Technical issues…” I guess only Benoit Bolsee received my congrats mail because I can’t see reviewers and there was no suscribers except me so I don’t know what is the problem to thank a dev threw phabricator. Furthermore, the stuff has already been commited, so no technical discussion anymore. As I myself work for upbge, I always appreciate when someone tells me that my work is not vain. The devs should have more support from users, and less useless criticism.

“This patch especially allows to render to textures instead of directly to the camera”: False. ImageRender and VideoTexture module already allowed render to texture

@sdfgeoff: There are many things that you can do with FBO. And it is faster.

I consciously mentioned that it is great to see support for developers, but no matter what you write, Phabricator is the wrong place for it, because it is for technical discussions.

I didn’t deny that this isn’t possible yet. I only mentioned what it is about in order to clarify that it doesn’t allow different renderers.

Running without the old render, is the first step to being able to replace the old render*

without dependencies on the old render, a new on can be installed correct?

Go on phabricator and talk technical issues for a patch that have been already commited then.

Jacob Merrill (blueprintrandom) awarded a token.” That’s very technical and that’s build in phabricator

If your “new render” is “render nothing” then yes it is implemented by now.

Btw. there is no old render engine.

No. You already can install “new render”. You just have to create it first.

There is no relation between the ability to switch off render and replacing a major part of the game engine.

What you get is:

  • the ability to run “headless” -> e.g. run as server without display (you still get the logic and physics)
  • the ability to get the render somewhere else rather than the main display (e.g. send it to a video stream)
  • the ability to render out-of-synch

These changes are that what Benoit wrote “Various render improvements”.

I would love to see it action.

I implemented it in upbge and I’m testing it but for the moment I see some issues. But I asked Benoit Bolsee about some things in his patch. I hope he’ll clarify some points.