BGE-related questions

Hello everyone, this is actually my first post after I registered today, though I’ve been reading the forums for some time now. I have several questions concerning the BGE and its capabilities. My friend and I recently thought it would be nice to do something and we ended up with an idea of a 5-10 minute game with no actual plotting; the basic idea was to learn what is possible with BGE and what is not. I’ve never actually touched the BGE before, but I’m very familiar with Blender.

The Issues

Camera: I know all about parenting a camera to an object creating the 3rd person-feel, but is it possible to trigger the game to use several cameras/angles (like in Resident Evil or Silent Hill)? How is this actually done?

BGE rendering: While testing my first objects in the play mode I realized it didn’t allow subsurf to be used. So this led me to develop a model with more vertices and actual detail. Another friend of mine advised me to make a normal map out of a high-poly-version of the same model and use it on the low-poly model. Is this possible? I read somewhere that it works only on planes.

Effects: Is it possible to use fog without the danger of looking stupid? I read a water-tutorial back there.

Scene switching: The actual game area would consist of some buildings, rooms inside the buildings, and the outside-area which could be divided to three or four areas. Would the best way be to just build the whole model or just every interior and exterior separately to different files? If that is the case, how to rig a system that takes the played character from eg. outside (file.1) to inside the building to the lobby (file.2.1)?

I guess here are the major issues, will get back to you if I can think of anything else. Thanks in advance!

PS. Here’s a screenshot of the very undeveleoped character model I made yesterday. No subsurf, no textures:

Get ready for a flame war, but dont go like “(CRY!!!) I’m leaving the forum!”
I’ll help you out XD

I dont know how to do that camera thingie, oh wait I do XD (Just thought of it XD)

But I’m to tired to explain, I’ll make you a blend XD (And then you can look at it and see how its done XD)
I haven’t made any models with normal maps, nut I’m considering the option, and Subsurface should work…
Scene switching is easy! I’ll include that in the blend aswell XD

Best regards James XVI

Hey thanks mate. I got the subsurfing working as well, but am tempted to not use it since it’s been actually quite an experience to go without. Oh yeah, I also had an idea for the camera thingie. It involved transparent planes behaving as collision points telling the trigger to kill the camera in use and activating another camera using different properties. Wouldn’t know if that works, but I was thinking about it on my way from work to home. The planes would be scattered across the game area and scaled to the size where it is impossible to not hit them at some point. Have to think about it.

to get subsurf working in the game you push the apply button right next to the modifier.

Damn! Had it working using logic bricks, and suddenly my comp chrashed cause of blender error! GRRRR! And I didn’t save! it! Ill try again…

Darn, hope you succeed next time. :smiley:


For camera changing: Select a “Scene” actuator. One of the options is “set camera”. Name the camera you want, then just pick the sensor you want to trigger this response.

Normal mapping: Your friend was right but it is not yet possible to normal map an object without a python script. Erwin I believe released a script to do this.

The next release of blender promises a bake option. This will help a lot.

Honestly, I haven’t used fog yet.

Scene switching works, but carrying over properties is a little tricky.

You should also take notice of the fact that depending on the object you have selected there are different options in the logic bricks.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction!

Howdy. I actually got the camera switching to work in just a matter of 5-10 minutes. There appears to be a weird bug. The “walking area” consists of a single plane and is divided by two other planes that work as triggers. Their transparency (A) is set to zero so that they will not be visible when I fire up the engine. But.

After I walk to the first plane to trigger the camera change successfully the planes become visible! It’s just from the other angle! The first angle (main cam) doesn’t show the planes. I would’ve included screenshots but I couldn’t figure out how to do it while the engine is on.

Any ideas?

Have you actually set the plane to invisible? or did you just make one and are looking at it from the side that automatically goes transparent?