BGE render update multiple viewports live in different windows or monitors?


I am working on a fairly basic virtual reality. I would like to run a single instance of the blender game and display different viewpoints (updated/rendered live) either in different windows (which I can then move to separate monitors and show in full screen) or to explicitly display different viewports on specific monitors.

I know I can detach a viewport from the main window but this appears to be an isolated instance - in that other windows are not ‘live’ in the bge.

I’ve also seen BlenderCave, but that seems rather complicated (and requires a patched version of blender) for what I am hoping is not…

Has anyone here done this? Or have ideas on how to? Any help is really greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot.

edit: using blender 2.67 on windows 7

Please do not confuse Blender with the BGE. These are two different applications.

You can run the BGE from Blender. This means Blender is disabled as long as the embedded bge instance is running.

There are a few options:
A) split the bge render window into several parts. Span the window over the monitors that they fit. This is the easiest dolution, but a bit hard to manage.
B) run several instances of the bge. Each one gets it’s own window as they are separate applications. They can synchronize via networking.

thanks for your reply. to clarify what i meant by “other window’s are not ‘live’” i meant i had tried to detach multiple viewports, set each to a different camera and then ran the bge - but only one was ‘live’ - i do understand now why that wouldn’t have worked.

really i would only like to / be able to run one instance of the bge. there will be python scripts controlling external hardware which i think will become conflicted if multiple calls are made to it simultaneously, i will also be outputting the ‘performance’ in the virtual reality - again better, if the file(s) being written is only written once. actually i suppose the other instances don’t need to be exactly the same as the first ‘master’ instance but just updating the camera position… i worry about the lag and the load on the computer, and it would be nicer to keep everything as simple and self contained as possible.

the first option was my first thought, but i require a ‘ceiling’ as well as 3 walls. with black space for ‘dummy’ monitors i guess it will work but like you said a bit hard to manage. i don’t want the menu bars etc in the way so would like to go full-screen - i believe a full-screen window will only fill one monitor - is there a way around this?

I can only suggest to search this forum. I remember this topic was mentiend some time ago. But I do not know the results of it.

There is a build discussed in this thread that allows a game engine window to span multiple monitors. It is based on 2.67, but he also has a patch linked there if you have the coding skills to apply it to a later version. Hopefully the feature can get put into an official build.
And then there’s the task of using multiple cameras. For that, check out this tutorial. It’s for 2.49, but there’s a 2.6-compatible download on the side that works wonderfully.