BGE replacement

I have read many projects were people have tried to replace the blender game engine with crystal space or ogre. Is there any one who has actually been successful in replacing the engine with another fully featured game engine:confused:?

Not integrated in blender. I think crystal space works fine with some kind of converting or something, I’ve never tried it. GameKit however could really be something. Erwin, who codes it (as we speak) is the father of bge so if someone can do it it’s probably he. It will have both Irrich and Orge for you to choose between. But it is in development.

thanks i have been at the b2c wiki page so that would be the easiest way to get blender into another engine however what all of us have dreamed for is that when you push the P key in blender you may have all of the options of the logic bricks and have blender render with ogre or CS just like the BGE.