BGE rig HELP! (slightly noobish)

Can anyone show me how or make a tut on how to setup a metarig- JUST a metarig, to where the controls are similar to deadspace? my problem is really that i cannot control the character to look up , down, left, and right with the mouse at a maximum of a -45 to 45 degree angle on the chest bone. I wish i could make the entire rig turn left after the chest bone hits the 45 mark( just something similar to dead space). So can anyone help?

thanks in advance, unless you accuse me of something in which i get burned with comments. >_>

If this were a tutorial, you’d be sitting in front of youtube for at least 24 hours. You don’t learn stuff like this from one tutorial. You learn it all seperately and put it all together on your own. That’s how advanced stuff works. Just look at mouselook tutorials (tutorials for blender 3d has one), then look up how to rig and animate characters. Turning with your legs after you’re body can’t turn without moving your legs is tricky and there are probably many ways to make that work. . .

Nah, it wouldn’t take that long. I already know how to rig a character just fine. I just don’t know how to do the 45 angle thing, because i don’t know code. I have already halfway succeeded with keyboard, and bone constraints. The reason it is half success is because if i am turning left , I reach -45 max on z axis, and i keep holding keyboard, it auto flips the bone to the other +45 angle. That is really what i need done.

A somewhat ghetto way I might try is (after having the mouse look set up) make the lower spine bone use a constraint that makes it track to an empty(empty is a distance infront of the character). Do the run armature brick so it works in the engine. Then set up 2 other empties parented to the pelvis at the two 45 degree points you need. And make it so when the empty parented to the spine is near one of them, it sends a message and the legs play the animation of rotating.

If you get anything out of that, good job. I am not so good at explaining over text. :wink:

Thanks for the help, I understood everything until near an empty. But i fixed the flip/reset problem by rotating it a different way. I made keyboards and and subtract properties with in the 45 ranges and mad it to where it rotates via those. Although, it is still with the keyboard and not on the mouse, sad-face.

Check out this rig,

I gutted a mouse script and replaces SetAngle with SetAngleV :slight_smile:

so mouse = real rotation


RunFast.blend (1.95 MB)