Bge rtcw

I decided to recreate Return to Castle Wolfenstein using UPBGE. I’m looking for better textures and at the moment, the original texture will be used.

It kind of look like crap at the moment but it will get better with each revision.

FRAPS lagging – the game frame rate is fast but when I record with FRAPS, it slows down.

Needs transparent fog.

To Do:

Increase realism
Add living things like rats to the game
Add spider webs
Add weather effects

Warning: Some parts of the game would be gory, namely the torture chambers and the prison halls.

Revision 3:

  • added more details
  • lighting adjustments
  • image effects
  • faster frame rate

The game looks great, if it can be recorded smoothly, it could be even attractive.

Or is that the reason too much memory applied for playing the game?

The recording is slow because my Windows PC hard disk is slow when recording. It’s ok when just playing though. I’ll figure how to record screen with my Linux PC with fast hdd…

Designing items and props

The Elevator

The Cage

Cage for holding prisoners :smiley:

Gas Chamber:

In-Game Footage:

Looking pretty good!
Have you tried Open Broadcaster Software ( )?
It works quite smoothly for me on both Windows and Linux, though it can be rather complicated to set up sometimes.

Goodness gracious, those frame rates suck! After transferring my work-flow to my Linux PC, it is fast like a breeze but I can’t install any recording software on my Linux. Dependency problems!

So I just focused on designing the weapons and gear of the Illuminatzi

Railgun rifle for the elite units

Designing levels for texture baking later.

The Haunted Dungeon

Castle Exterior

…and modelling some props