BGE run armature actuator work like local orientation?

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I think no i ask in my another topic about ragdoll deformation about orientation of spawn point the rigid bodies all set to local orientation but how can i set the armature to work like local orientation? my armature is parented by stomatch rigid body vertex point.

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Actor hitBox = should contain logic and is used for physics
[typically origin is at pelvis]

Armature = parented to hitbox
[origin at pelvis]

Skin = parented to Armature.

for the player
in each bone the ragdoll will simulate you need to have a copy rotation constraint

when building the ragdoll pay carful attention to bone orientations vs rigid body orientations

when the actor dies -> spawn in the ragdoll -> rotate each ragdoll bone shape to match the actors death pose then edit the constraints using python to target the objects

(basically you can turn the existing actor into a ragdoll)

now parent the armature to the pelvis of the ragdoll and delete the actor physics core

now watch the actor go from alive to ragdoll

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my Armature is parented with stomatch rigid body vertex point is wrong? i think armature no rotate correct cause this ocurr deformations.i use just logic bricks method from Thinsthr for create all ragdoll.
then just put triangulate modifier on mesh from ederkop but just for initial position if angle of spawn point changed from 0.0 ocurr deformations on mesh

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    • Actor is alive - ragdoll is not present
    • actor dies -> spawn in ragdoll -> rotate radoll bones / move them to match death pose
      2.b - loop through bone constraints and set target and turn influence to 1
    • parent armature to ragdoll root bone
    • delete old root

anything else is a hack

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how can made your 2. topic? can give me example for just one bone to rotate move and after in 2.1 with constraint? In this case i will just repeat process to other bones from ragdoll

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not even in such a upbge I saw a ragdoll 100% controlling a mesh always distorts at last in the position of ragdoll initial creation works well but just the one rotate at the spawn point that follows the direction always the zombie actor and was already distorts the mesh

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you tell me when i apply triangulate modifier to mesh to mesh folow correctly armature of my skinned ragdoll then you write me


you need empties parented to the zombies bones oriented the right direction.

when you spawn in the zombie ragdoll, you must move and rotate the ragdoll bones to match the zombies pose he is replacing.

for ragbone in RagDollBones:
     for child in zombie.childrenRecursive:
         if in child:
             ragbone.worldTransform= child.worldTransform

this has a property in each empty that is the name of the ragdoll bone that is to match its pos/rot

ragbone is a propertie correct?
RagDollBones is the Empty group of Armature of zombie? or group bones?

please clarify me