BGE save/load

I have checked out monsters and a couple more but they all
require you too press S/L to use the python.
How would i make it work with a joypad “Xbox360”
with a near sensor.

My scene will have a box i walk up too and i want the choice
to load/save with a overlay. If i select save, it will save
If i click load it will load.

Would this be done through python receivein a message ?

The save/load keys in those examples is nothing more than an example input scheme that you can change yourself.

So you can choose to activate the saving/loading with a message or a joystick sensor, you might want to read up on the bge.logic API to find out how to check for the input of various sensors.

Yeah i have used monsters now, i found out i can change S/L with logic bricks.
When i load the save game, everything goes wild :confused: i might have to upload a video!