BGE Saving Progress

Hello, I am wanting to make an adventure/RPG game on Blender, and I want the user to be able to save their progress so they can come and leave whenever they please? How can I do this? Thanks!

With a python script or module.

  • Store the data a you want to save in GameLogic.globalDict

  • Save it to file with a) the save actuator or b) with python

  • Load the data from file into globalDict with a) the load actuator or b) with python

  • Restore the data from globalDict in your objects

See this:

Save all the variables you need, that are in the temporary memory, in an external file or database. Don’t ask me how… :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime while you are waiting for a decent answer you could already think of what data you need to save: players location coordinates, levels and experience, quest progress, items in the characters inventory, which creatures/humans/things are dead, … and so on.

Edit: What the guy above me said.

Hmm, I dont get it? How would I save things in the GameLogic.globalDict like position? And how do i store? I tried a simple test with a moving cube, and when you press Enter it saves, when you press space it loads, and it did not load the position??