BGE scene change problem


I am having some troubles with BGE. I now have 3 different scenes to my game, one in a room, one that is a cut-scene that shows you crawling in a vent, and the last is when game starts again on the other side of the vent.

When i start the 2nd scene i see myself crawling in the vent and after that the game starts again as usual.
But if i start from the 1st scene and go to the vent, I see the cut-scene but after that it changes to just staring down in the grass at some random location.

I use logic bricks to change the scene, from first to 2nd I press a button to change. From 2nd to 3rd there is a delay on 7seconds.

I really don’t know what I have donw wrong becouse it works if i start with the 2nd scene. Please help me!

I would not change whole scenes, I would use “dummies” that represent your items, and have colliding with a volume tell the old room to unload its mesh data (replace mesh with a “blank” mesh) this way you don’t have any scene loading / causality issues (if I change a scene, I can’t have a cut-scene in it, unless the cut-scene is done in the game, not pre-rendered animation,

but what your issue sounds like is where your “player” is moved during the cut scene, how is he move? are you moving him into a volume of another object? or another can host larger .blends
sending it without the textures packed can really reduce the size, as well as decimating/deleting anything that is not the issue

Let us take a peek under the hood :slight_smile:

First, if you want full control over you scenes, you should have a control scene.
So your control scene can be on overlay, and have no objects but empties to control the scenes and maybe game data.

You probably have spawning points for your player, otherwise when the scene is initialized, the BGE will pick a camera and set it as active(maybe your staring at the grass problem). You need to time your spawning properly, also try to load the scene with empties to spawn the objects in it but the room, that can reduce the loading time.

This is the blend file:

And i am kinda new to blender so i didn’t understand very much of what u guys told me :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, i forgot.
To start the cutscene from the StartScene, go to the hole in the wall and press E.