BGE Shuts down!

Hi,this is my first post on BlenderArtists.

Im currently working on a game,and ive been on it for quite a while.Well,now,every few times i try to start or end the game engine,a message pops up and says, ‘‘blender.exe has stopped working.Windows is checking for a soloution to the problem’’.And then it tells me to close the program and i lose all my unsaved work.Its very fustrating,PLEASE HELP.Ive had this problem ever since 2.47!

If this helps,i have a windows vista home premium.

PLZ HELP :frowning:

hmm i have this problem too …the problem was something wrong with the logics in BGE!
try to reinstall blender!
and check the logics!
BTW are you using GLSL? and post a .blend file

Maybe your graphics card cannot support the game engine.


already tried that,and no glsl either