BGE Side-Scroller Sandbox Project on Github

Hey guys, if anyone is interested I started a repo on github mainly just for learning how to use blender’s game engine, as well as how to structure content and code for it. I figured it might be handy for anybody looking for code samples.

I imagine once I’m happy with the base of things that I’ll fork this into another repo and start building an actual game out of it.

Just making a quick update. The project is in rough shape at the moment because I’ve been working on loading of external blender libraries. My end goal is to have grid based level streaming that wil be based on player / camera proximity and an archetype system that can link python classes to the external data in a blend file. I think I’m close to having all the archetype jazz working.

I’ve also created some quick geometry and a rig for a robot ninja. This guy will pretty much be a stand in asset for prototyping animations and an animation system.

Wow, that looks like a really cool model. Nice work, indeed! I thought he was a Transformer at first, hah.

Could be a transformer-robot-ninja :slight_smile:

Would be pretty sweet if he could turn into a jet. I think if I get far enough along with this I would be happy to clone ninja gaiden. Glad you like it though. I’ve been following your stuff for awhile. I’d be interested in swapping ideas on programming in BGE. I checked out some of the source you released for Soldier Of (I think that was the name before it changed). I dig the functional approach, seemed like the most direct way of applying logic to objects. I’m trying an object oriented approach, it seems to be working so far. I’m using decorators to apply the initial instances of the python classes / objects to the game objects. Not sure how I feel about it, be interesting to get another viewpoint.