BGE Sound with Linked Groups and Relative Paths


This may be a glitch or I may be missing something, but when I link in a group from another blend file that has a sound attached to it with relative paths enabled the sound will not play in the main game level blend. Packing the sound into the linked blend sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

Is there any way to fix this? I can’t make paths absolute because it’s a team project and we’re working with a SVN server.


I encountered this issue a while back, in 2.48 I guess. The blend file is using the same relative path for sound as the linked blend without adjusting it with the linked blend location.

One way to circumvent this would be by placing the library blend in same directory as level or so that the relative path is same for both blends, for example


Where level_1.blend links some ‘music player’ etc. from sfx.blend and the relative path ends up being …/music/1.wav for both blends.

Thank you for your help. Not the way I’d like to do it, but oh well. Hopefully they’ll fix this issue…