BGE Sprite Addon [$]

(Thatimster) #1

Dealing with 2D sprites in the blender game engines is usually an absolute nightmare, not to mention even getting started with 2D characters…

Well, after 4 months of development I am happy to finally present the BGE Sprite Addon!

This will allow you to make 2D games in BGE…and the best part is: No Python knowledge required
You can create a fully working 2D game using just the addon and logic. The addon will generate and maintain all necessary scripts for you.
Don’t believe me?

Here’s some proof:

What other people say:

CGsky: Awesome Addon! I always shied away from using animated textures in the Blender Game Engine, as they were so hard and time consuming to set-up. With this addon, animated textures can be created as easy as it gets! I will definitely make use of this addon in future game projects.

Wayward Art Company: This addon takes the most tedious step in Blender game development and actually makes it fun!

John Hamilton
: Usually doing anything with sprites in the BGE is a huge hassle and you can forget about having any interactivity, but using this addon it can be easily done with just logic bricks!

Part of the addon sales will go towards the blender development fund :slight_smile:

>Get the Addon Here<

Hope you guys find it useful!

(blendertopia) #2

Wuuu shine bright like a diamond :slight_smile: However hate of BGE logic! We can’t use any export/publish template for mobile or desktop like Godot Engine export template could do! I hate requirement of blenderplayer for BGE games!..

Anyway a great addon for game developers just like me :wink: I note that for the future of fresh BGE and it’s changed export/publish logic.

(Smoking_mirror) #3

Looks great!
I know a lot of starting users would find it very useful to have a sprite tool without python.
Good luck with it!! :slight_smile:

(Thatimster) #4

Yes I agree BGE publishing is probably the worst thing about the engine, I think this is the main reason why people stop using it as well.

Thanks! I’ve tried to make it super easy to use :smiley:

Thanks :), yeah I hope it helps the new users starting out in BGE, as the previous process was too tedious to do anything with 2D textures.

(BluePrintRandom) #5

can you kickstart an sprite action actuator?
team up with youle or panzergame or agoose etc and get paid to code it?

maybe add the abilty to keyframe uv cords to actions?

texture action actuator/sprite actions could maybe even use the action actuator?

(Thatimster) #6

I don’t think this would be a wise decision, nor would there be enough demand with such uncertainty of the game engine (and BGE users being very tight with what they are willing to pay for).

Well if you buy this addon you don’t need to keyframe any uv coordinates, just setup an event and set a property to True when you want the animation to play, its pretty straight forward.

(Nicholas_A) #7

aren’t sensors/controllers/actuators built in to the blender build and can’t be made externally with python?

(Thatimster) #8

Yes this is true, you can change fields/properties of a logic brick but you can’t create new ones or modify existing ones, because of how they are built (probably in c).

(Nicholas_A) #9

Hey tim, we should totally collaborate on making addons for the BGE. I’m pretty good at making addons and an expert in Python. I have some great ideas.

(mziskandar) #10

Great! Thanks man.

(Thatimster) #11

Well for the moment I want to take a break from addons and might look a bit more into UPBGE and stuff.
However creating an addon by yourself usually isn’t too hard, whereas having collaboration can be difficult to manage.
When in doubt use google :wink:

Awesome! hope you find it useful :smiley:

(alf0) #12

Man this is just wow
Now we dont have to worry about the problems of the animated texture anymore,
You just saved me a lot of time,i was going to make a thread about the animated textures and how to control them when spowning them, but you jist did it ,
Now we can use this on our texture fx without any issues ,great work :slight_smile:

(Thatimster) #13

Thanks :smiley:
Yes, that was the plan! You will be able to create all sorts of effects and games without needing to know python which is what lots of people struggle with!

(mataii) #14

Gread addon :slight_smile:

It would be great to have more buying options like PayPal (gumroad, sellfy), I’ve just charged 3 dollars in my CC, but nothing more, mora than 10 minutes waiting… it keep in the “Submit Payment” process


Tried again, now it says my credit card number (CVC) is not correct, but it is correct…! the same info I use with Udemy…

Gumroad, Sellfy or even your Wordpress with WooCommerce plugin would be nice :slight_smile:

(Thatimster) #15

Hmm this is strange, hopefully the blendermarket manages to sort something out. Otherwise you can email me (thatimst3r @ and I can sort out a copy for you :slight_smile:

(mataii) #16

Yes I know this is strange. I did not contact BlenderMarket at first because I never get a receipt from the store, so I guess they didn’t get money from me, also they mention that they do not use google services for that :no:

Let’s see what happend :slight_smile:


Now I got the addon, thanks a lot for the support Thatimster

(Thatimster) #17

Great hope you find the addon useful :smiley:
Feel free to email me (or post here) if you have any other issues :slight_smile:

(Thatimster) #18

The BGE Sprite Addon just got 11 new spritesheets.
Here is one of them in action!
If you already purchased the Sprite addon, you will get v1.1 with sprite-sheets for free

(Thatimster) #19

A free copy of the sprite addon will be awarded to the winner of BGMC 23!

Vote for the theme here:

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #20

so cool addon man, good work…