BGE Stereo3D configuration

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I’m using a 3D projector and 3D glasses to visualize my game on BGE. The 3D effect works for the depth but I can’t manage to have the opposite effect : Like you could touch the image leaving the screen.

Can i fix this using only the stereo mode of the game engine or should I use two different cameras and play with the focal lengths ?

I don’t know if you understand my problem… Thank you anyway :smiley:

Ciao !

From python you can set the focal length, but from the UI you can not. The code is:

import bge


I have had good success objects appearing both into and out from the screen - that was with an interlaced 3d display.

Thanks for replying ?
Just curious, Wwat do u mean with UI ?
Did you make the interlaced 3d display by using 2 cameras ?

He meas the GUI -> in over words Blender (not the BGE game session). There is no control in the GUI to set up the focal length of the game.