BGE switching action actuators using python

        if speed == 2:            cont.deactivate(run)
        if speed == 3:
        print("activating else")

I am working on a python movement system in BGE. I am trying to switch animations using python using the above code.

When I am running (if speed = 3) I want to deactivate my idle and walk animations, and play my run animation. If walking, want my walking animation, etc. The animations work fine if I only press one key at a time, but multiple cause an issues.

Let me explain:

When I start the game, my idle anims work fine, I press “W” and my walk anims work fine, but if I then press the shift key, the run animations don’t work, and then all my animations seem to freeze, none of them play.

I have a link to a sample blend file of my issue that has my full python file (…

Discovered I needed to change the priority settings in my action logic bricks to get this working.