BGE text 2.5

<Solved>I know that tutorialsforblender3d has some fonts usable for dynamic text in the BGE, but does anyone know of a larger database of these “Font Sheets”?</Solved>

Also, on the same topic, where did the “text” button from the texture face panel in 2.49 go?
thanks in advance!

I don’t know of any font sheet database but you can use FTBlender to create your own font sheets from downloaded fonts.

Perfect! now I just need to find the Text button in 2.5 now…

What version of 2.5 are you using? The Text button is not in either of the official releases, but it has been added to the SVN. Use a recent build from and you will see the button in the mesh editing buttons when you have blender set to “Blender Game” mode.