BGE Texture Problem

Hi all, I’ve recently started working on my first game. After I textured the map I decided to try it but when I press the “p” button to play it the textures get f** up. Here are some picks.

While In - Game:

While in the Blender Game Engine:

Is there something Im doing wrong? Im new to making games in Blender so I dont know why this happens.

Ensure you unwrap the mesh (edit mode <W>).
Ensure the texture mapping is set to UV (default is generated, which is for the BGE nonsense).

Do you use nodes and multiple UV Layers? This combination often causes such problems!

Okay, i did the unwrap mesh thing, did it in a smart UV project. I checked the texture mapping and set it to UV. That almost fixed the problems since the walls got the rigth texture now. But the floor only took a greenish color…


What am I doing wrong now?

Your UV projection doesn’t know what walls are, so the texture is just tiling. You need to manually UV unwrap for the best effect.

Ill let the pros answer per the floor as Im not quite sure what happened but on a related note, your wall texture doesn’t look seamless to me which comes off unprofessional. Id manipulate it a bit in Photoshop or Gimp… Gimp in particular has an easy to use seamless texture filter. Via file menu Filters > Map > Make Seamless

Do you mean that I have to manually unwrap every face of the wall and the floor to make it work?

You can either make walls modular - rather than having joined walls, each wall is a copy of a wall asset.
Alternatively, make the wall texture tileable, if it’s a simple game.

Thanks for the help everyone, but apparently deleting the floor textures and placing a .png file of the image instead fixed it.

Ill figure out how to set up the lighting later, so this works good enough for me. Thanks again guys!

you can bake textures to uv maps, after the item is unwrapped,

then the game engine copy will look like the viewport copy.