BGE translucent Material help!

So, Im making plant life in BGE for a game, and it looks TERRIBLE.
Its not the modeling, nor textures, but the shading.

I’ve set the material to fresnel, but one side it looks gorgeous, on the other side, it looks…well…Bad.

And I want to achieve the same shaders found here:

Note, the grass…It Only Receives Shadows, and doesn’t emit shaddows, that I did.
But The grass color is equal on both sides, That’s called Translucency (Cycles people use this alot)

But Is it achievable in BGE?
Yes, I can set it to Full emission, But it will look bad in some cases

Try inverting the normals with a normal map with the normals facing the wrong way. See if you can invert the lighting (ie get light from the back). From there you can mix/add it to a normal shader using a node shader.

Definitely possible with a custom GLSL shader, but then doing shadows is hard.