BGE: Transparent Vertex paint problem

Hello all,

I just finished painting a character I want to use for a game. The character can be moved with keyboard arrows, and the movement works well, but I have one problem: In the game itself, the character’s paint is transparent, while it isn’t in the normal 3D viewport. Does anyone have a solution for this? I would be very thankful! :slight_smile: Screenshots are included. The first two are screens when in the normal viewport, the third one is while playing the game.

You should check the normals of the faces to point outwards. You can make them visible at the Editing <F9> buttons/Mesh Tool More panel enable Draw Normals.

Usually you can select all face and <Ctrl><N>.

Thanks for your help Monster, but that didn’t work… are there other solutions?

Edit: I just noticed that, when running th game engine, I get a message saying “Shaders not supported” maybe this is causing the problem? If so, how can I solve this? I saw posts saying that you need to change your graphic card… but that seems weird to me, beceause my computer can handle 3D mmo’s and games easily…

Not sure what it’s supposed to look like but have you tried Edit Mode -> Select All -> W Key -> Flip Normals?

It looks to me like you have alpha enabled either in your material or in your face settings- unless you use the very processor-intensive alpha sorting, odds are some (or many) alpha faces will be drawn out of order. Never use alpha on a face that should be opaque, both for performance and aesthetic reasons.