BGE tutorial

I’m looking for a BGE tutorial, the only one I’ve found is the noob to pro tutorial which is very limited. Can anyone recommend a tutorial?

Try this:

I like this one too:

This one is my favoritw here be sure to book mark it:

Your favorite, I must admit I wasn’t expecting that. I clicked the other links with caution.

Hmmm, I’m not sure why but the Game Engine seems to be notoriously difficult to find useful information on - for the beginner. Though I’m sure Mmph’s links helped immensely:no:. A lot of the stuff linked from the official Game Page is either non-existent, under construction or so old it seems irrelevant unless you know where to find the things that have gone missing (eg UV Face Select Mode).

The most useful thing on that page, to whet the appetite, is the BSOD into tute - but even that ends with a two-year-old promise of more to come (That’s not a complaint. I’m just as guilty of not getting around to things I’ve promised to write so I do understand how it all works).

Obviously things are happening with the BGE and we hope new documentation will come with it but the official Game Page is probably not the most useful place to point a beginner - currently.

Pointing to the Main Page is barely better than saying “try the internet”.

Through trial and error and after bumping into several next-to-useless walls, I have found the following page to be one of the most useful so far:

It uses a lot of Python scripting but it is so well presented and explained that it is a must-read anyway. If you’re interested in Python (and you’ll need to be at some point) then this thread has some of the best links I’ve seen since I started looking.

The only other way I’ve started to come to terms with the BGE is by downloading any game stuff posted here then pulling it apart bit by bit and seeing what breaks. If you can break something then fix it again, you’ve learnt something useful (I like to put big numbers into code to see what happens then I try small numbers and from this I can usually get a grip on what that bit of code is doing and what it expects to be fed to it.).

Before you even start looking though, be aware that most BGE tutorials will assume a pretty good understanding of Blender Basics.

I have to agree PLEASE ANY MORE TUTZ WOULD HELP!!! E.G:Using Ipo and lokrot etc for walk cylce how do I do these animations for the game character?help!

Some GE basics can be found here:

there are a lot of basic tuts but no real advaced tuts i think the best way to learn it right no is to just study other scrips

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