BGE/UPBGE Discord Community

Hi everyone,
The Blender Game Engine (RIP) and it’s more robust predecessor, UPBGE have a awesome Discord server.
It’s not officially sponsored by Discord yet, and there’s where you the community can help out.
We need to reach the minimum of 7,000 server members so we can apply for official partnership with Discord.
Your joining matters, and we’d love your input/presence.

Please spread the word and invite around. Thank you!



The problem is that there’s like 3-5 Discord servers about BGE/UPBGE

Really? I only know the one. Hmmm, just out of curiosity what are the other 2-4?

Hello all.
I believe blenderaptor is retweeting the info I posted officially in the UPBGE Discord about the BGE/UPBGE Community - invites are posted there too in case anyone is interested.
Along with the UPBGE Discord, there are “other” servers for BGE/UPBGE.

    1. The original BGE Discord - originally created by John Hamilton who since then has become inactive along with his Discord (Not the community’s fault)
      @BluePrintRandom now owns the server-rights.
    1. BGMC - a Discord created for the Blender Game Making Competition/Contest - active when the contest is active.
    1. The popular ‘OpenVFX: The Blender Hub’ which is mainly for Blender enthusiasts & professionals have a couple of channels related to game-dev, including 2 channels for BGE/UPBGE.
    1. One of many Blender Discords (Currently with a red emblem) has a game-development channel.

unfortuntaly none of them hosts a game collaboration projects. I don’t like discord, it’s all about notifcation-spam-dopamine. I think a forum is a better medium for constructive debate as people take time to redact a complete answer rather than adjusting answers to a spam pace of a flow of small talk.

Well, you know how I like to share my opinions and my narrow ideas :slight_smile: . @John_tgh , yeah, many servers with many channels. No following-up possible, it’s all about posting random messages with random answers in a random order.

Forums are great because the answer is probably already here, you just need to find it. Not that it seems to help in half the new threads made here these days :slight_smile:

+1 to everything blenderaptor just said.

True. But I can name a few BGE/UPBGE Discords that have done collaboration in the past, if not still in the presence.

I fully agree, that’s why I use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ status to avoid getting notification-sounds. You can even toggle on certain sounds while keeping others that you find acceptable vie your account settings.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, I grew learning BGE by searching through the forum posts along side YouTube videos.

Personally, I see Discord’s BGE/UPBGE Community as a way for the community to get almost instant feed-back if not a complete ‘complex’ answer.
BA’s has been amazing & great, but it’s slow & a bit narrow minded in terms of modern capabilities in some areas for example communication like voice-chat & screen-sharing & proper post pinning (#features).

yep, and i would say that a wiki is even superior as the information can be organized.
I started to make a back-up of the good old

reminder, anyone can register on wikidot and edit pages


its all about showing off their administrator pannels from which they can bug or harras and act like they parent any user with their superior upper heirarchy attitudes from which i am sick off… people cant be just people these days and with telling off about breaching rules while keeping their eyes closed about bigger problems without actually seeing their face or having a real conversation because they only read what they want to read without willing to speak their minds and even hating those who do by kicking them out who may be pointing out serious problems which hang on someones post for 12 years unanswered because they wont even allow your application to work and carry out authenticity regardless of you using brands you have bought to use which dont work… so pathetic even keyboard sensor wont accept the caps lock for user of your potential software to use their ways of switching between upper and lower case letters
in their used to manner from previous software just to make you to make awkward stuff for your user input explanation info tabs. Someone may stop playing your game just because he may have to hit shift twice or 3 times to get capslock funktion to switch between them… discord sux because admins are total assholes

I didn’t realize until a fellow mod pointed it out - your opinion is a bit bias, you were kicked from the UPBGE Discord because of your vulgar language & insults to fellow game-devs, not because the admins were dumb (Although I agree, admins can be kids at times)
You were merely kicked as a warning, so if you’d like, your welcome back anytime.
That being said, please be on your best behaviour if you join … Thank you.

So, in the rules it says to treat each other with respect,
If you can’t follow that rule maybe just don’t hang out.


there’s no democracy on discord : the ones who create the laws (founder - legislator) are those who interpret them (moderators - executif) and apply them (banners - justice).

founder : dont critize X
moderator : I don’t like what you said on X
banner : you are Y, so i ban you for offending X

I learned myself for example that a little error of timing in an animation could lead to a ban :smiley:

without order, there is chaos. such a simple communications platform shouldnt waste time holding court sessions and votes to judge those guilty. fear of the looming ban hammer is the only thing that keeps discord a remotely sane place.

this isnt the place to argue about this.

There’s no democracy on this forum, either. If anything, there is more incentive for the Discord server admins to be reasonable because it’s really easy to produce a competing server. No one is going to make a competing forum to Blender Artists.

For the record, I’m completely happy with the way Blender Artists is run.

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I don’t like discord. I joined because Randy kept sending me invites like he didn’t know that.

And though I still pop my head in here I’m not really doing anything with BGE. It’s my goto for prototypes and experiments but that’s mostly it. Eh, I’ve lost a lot of interest the past year. Nowadays I’d rather delve into C and do my own thing.

So yeah, I’m here and there but not really participating much if at all. I just lurk and skulk.

So, posting something NSFW like a suggestive animation, in a not NSFW area can get you temp banned, if you keep doing it you can Get permanently banned.

Insulting people or bullying will get you moderated too

Some people were kicked for sharing stuff about cracks which is against TOS of discord

We listen to messages when we ban people and don’t ban anyone for no reason.


False, your honor

She was just grabbing him by the feet which result in a position her head was 20 cms away from his … well… you know. Also, why are you so angry about this ?

@Daedalus_MDW, i said there’s no democracy on discord and i made a demonstration. I never said it was a bad thing, i just gave an example :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Discord is a great place, at least for me its definitely a great place

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I believe I was the moderator who kicked Murdread when he kept insulting other members despite multiple warnings.

I didn’t even banned him because I thought there was a chance that his unruly behaviour was temporary one, as we can all be excessively angry at something from time to time.

But from reading what he had to say about the incident above, still blaming the community and insulting the moderators for having done extra works to clean up the mess he caused himself, now I hope he would never return.

It’s one thing to criticise an open source project but another to do so by spamming profanities and insulting those who have volunteered to work on the project to make it useful to those who need it.

So, if you don’t like UPBGE and are incapable of asking for help or criticising it without throwing a tantrum, just don’t use it. I doubt there’d be many other places where such a behaviour would be pampered but I can tell you that UPBGE Discord server is not one of them.

As to everyone else, I’d encourage you to join our server if you are interested in UPBGE. It’s still a small community but there are many who do interesting things with the engine and it’s largely a very tolerant and respectful place.

Thanks, and I hope to see some of you in the server soon :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I’m proud to announce the UPBGE Discord now has +300 members and quite steadily rising everyday, please keep sharing an invite to the server and thank you for all your support, long live BGE/UPBGE!

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